Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Very First Post

It seems that such a momentous occasion as the first post from a freshman blogger should commence with a brief introduction from the author. However, my vocabulary is limited at best and my imagination is virtually nonexistent (thanks to my constant diet of trashy TV). So I guess I'll spare us all a lengthy treatise on the art of writing and I'll dive right in.

Consider yourself warned-- my loftiest goals are to publicly air my gripes about people who think it's cool to wear purple and to keep my readers supplied with fresh photos of dogs dressed like people. But if that's the kind of thing that tickles you pink, well, have I got a show for you!!

So saddle up, cowboys-- it's time to ride!

1 comment:

KristyWes said...

I'm the very first commenter on your very first post! Welcome to the World of Blogs (WOB), and I can't wait to see those dog-as-people pics. C U 7/7/07.