Monday, July 9, 2007

Git Along, Little Doggie

This is the puppy that I really, REALLY want to buy. I fell in love with him a few weeks ago when I was checking out the website for the breeder my coworker got her three dachshunds from. Imagine my surprise when I saw him today in a cowboy suit!! We're DEFINITELY a match made in heaven... Why, oh why, can't I get a dog?


KristyWes said...

He is the cutest thing EVER! You two are totally made for each other. I think he would also look great in formal wear. Or even just au natural.

Brenna said...

I mean, even I (imagine that "I" in italics) love him, which means he must be the dog for you!

All votes in favor-- Sonja must bring home this dachshund!