Monday, February 4, 2008

Animals are Better Than People v. 2

If you, like me, had your favorite team knocked out of the running for Super Bowl LXII, then the game you looked forward to yesterday was probably Puppy Bowl IV. If you weren't lucky enough to catch it yesterday (or if a crazed Patriots or Giants fan commandeered your TV), you can check out some highlights here. There were puppies galore--dachshunds, beagles, and a super-cuddly Bernese Mountain Dog (definitely one of my favorites). And, as always, there was the ultra-sexy kitty half-time show (they were much cuter, although about as hairy, as Tom Petty and/or the Heartbreakers), which never disappoints. Of course, the game was augmented by great play-by-play commentary, instant replay action, and a fair but tough referee.

Totally better than real football.

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